Zarda Festival by Cafi Chanta


4. Juli 2024 – 6. Juli 2024    
18:30 – 23:55


Kreativquartier München
Kreativquartier München

One festival, three days, two locations, and over 30 musicians, DJs, and performers!!!

Zarda Festival is a vibrant three-day celebration set to take place at Import Export and Zirka in Munich. This event, rooted in Tunisian culture, aims to bring the rich, diverse cultural traditions of Southwest Asia and North Africa (SWANA) to Munich. The festival will be a celebration of culture, encompassing music, dance, food, arts and crafts from the SWANA region.

Over 30 international and local artists will be taking us on a musical and intercultural journey through SWANA and Europe.

Day 1: „Get to Know Your Artists“ (July 4, Import Export)

18:00: Doors + Süperfly aka Tuncay Acar
19:00: Electroniq Maqams (by Aly Mrabet, Selim Arjoun & Nacim Gastli)
20:00: Benboo (by Bouthaina Nabouli & Benjemy)
22:00: Süperfly
Day 2: Workshops and Performances (July 5, Zirka)

18:30: Doors
20:00: Dali Chebil
21:45: Rochdi Belgasmi
22:30: Sinouj Project
00:30: Aly Mrabet
Day 3: Workshops and Performances (July 6, Import Export)

15:30 : Doors
16:00 : Yoga Session, Kids Workshop, Dabke Workshop, Pottery Workshop
17:15 : Sara & The Boys
18:45 : Jisr Music
20:15 : Ghalia Benali
22:45 : DJ Soly
1:00 : Hazem B

Festival Details:

The Zarda Festival is brought to you by Cafi Chanta, inspired by the traditional Tunisian „El Zarda“ festival.

Supported by the City of Munich’s Department of Culture, Bezirke Neuhausen and Bezirke Schwabing West

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