Sexschweiss (Release) + Haze’evot + Ambiviolenz


30. April 2024    
18:00 – 21:00


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Sexschweiss (Release)


HAZE’EVOT (SheWolf) is a rock band and independent female collective based in Israel, Consists of Yifat Balssiano (Guitar/Vocals), Talia Ishai (Bass), Or Zigelbaum (Guitar), Hen Yair (Drums), Nofar Tom (Synthesizer, guitar).For the last decade the band has worked as an independent group, producing content together, from recording music to creating its own video clips. The band deals with subjects such as the struggle between genders, human relationships and existential issues facing our generation. With authenticity and power, the band is known for its wild and energetic live shows. Together on stage the band members bring a different perspective, a punch to the stomach, and a celebration of distortion and energy.