OPTIMAL! presents DJ HANS NIESWANDT From Disco To Disco


14. Juni 2024 – 15. Juni 2024    
22:00 – 1:00


Unter Deck
Unter Deck

Hans Nieswandt, a short Biography
For more than 30 years, Hans Nieswandt is a well know and highly respected
personality in the music scene of Germany and beyond, a legendary character
in the world of DJ culture, music production and pop culture writing.
In the late 80ies, he was one of the pioneers for house music in Germany,
playing it early on as a DJ and writing about it in the influential magazine
Spex, where he was chief editor in the early 90ies.
Solo and with his music group Whirlpool Productions, he recorded countless
albums and even scored a worldwide hit with the song „From Disco To
Disco“ (number 1 in Italy, top ten in many other countries). Today, this song is
considered a classic.
As a DJ, the width of his depth is breathtaking. His club sets are usually build
around his deep mix of disco, house and techno, but he also sometimes plays
hippie music, hiphop, folk, jazz, soul, reggae, post punk, yacht rock, baroque
pop and so on.
Besides DJing and music production, Hans Nieswandt is also a prolific writer,
who published hundreds of essays and articles as well as (so far) three
successful books on DJ culture and electronic music from Germany. In 2017,
he won the International Music Journalism Award for his essay about the
history of disco music.
From 2014 to 2019 he was director of the Institute for Pop-Musik of the
Folkwang University of the Arts, which offers a master degree for upcoming
pop music artists.
On christmas day 2019 however, he left the academical world and moved from
his hometown Cologne to the South Korean capital Seoul, where he is now
working on new music, writing a new book, deejaying and exploring the
In March 2023, he released his new album „Flower Hans“, a collection of
songs from the hippie era in a disco style.
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