Lost Poets: Open Mic Poetry at Lost Weekend Book Café


23. Juli 2024    
19:00 – 22:00


Lost Weekend Munich
Lost Weekend Munich

🌟 Become a Lost Poet at Our Open Mic Poetry Night! ✍
Whether you’re a seasoned poet or someone who’s just penned their first stanza, our Open Mic Poetry Night is the perfect platform to share your poetic prowess in any language you prefer.

🌟 Event Details:
Format: Three rounds of poetry. The first two rounds feature four poets each, followed by a spontaneous 30-minute open mic session.
Duration: Each poet is allotted a maximum of 5 minutes on stage.
Magic Poetry Jar: Two wild card poets will be selected to perform in round one and round two from audience/door sign-ups!

🎙 Why Join Our Poetry Night?
Diverse Voices: A platform for all styles – from sonnets to free verse.
Spotlight Moments: Each poet gets their time to shine in the limelight.
Wild Card Excitement: Be surprised by impromptu performances from the audience.
Community of Poets: Connect with fellow poets and poetry lovers in a supportive environment.

📝 How to Participate:
To Perform: Email jessica@happywriting.co with the title of your poem or sign up on arrival for a chance to be a wild card poet.
We will take 8 poets, in 2 rounds of 4 performers at **five minutes or less** each
Feeling Brave? Wait until the third session for the thirty minute open audience mic
Wild Card Selection: Poets for the wild card slots will be drawn from our magic poetry jar!
For the Audience: Not ready to perform? Join us as an audience member and soak in the poetic brilliance.

🔗 Stay Connected:
Website: meetup.com/happy-writing or lostweekend.de
Social Media: Follow us @happywritingco or @lostweekendmunich for updates and future events.

📅 Mark Your Calendars!
This isn’t just a poetry night; it’s a celebration of words and emotions, a gathering where verses come to life. Whether you’re there to share or to listen, this evening promises to be a memorable montage of poetic expressions.

Your stage awaits at our Open Mic Poetry Night!