Live at Lost • Cinnamon Sun


1. August 2024    
20:00 – 23:00


Lost Weekend Munich
Lost Weekend Munich

Cairns based Roots/Reggae/Hiphop band, Cinnamon Sun, ooze a comforting conscious vibe that will have you transported to a Tahitian bar under the orange setting sun, with all worries lost.

Fronted by the grounded and forever chilled Davy Simony, his years of touring the globe and recording his solo roots project shine through in this new adventure with thought evoking songwriting and relaxed delivery. Since teaming up with producer Jayden Reid, and involving dozens of collaborating musicians, the collective have started a fire that wants to keep burning.

Cinnamon Sun is the new kid on the block, standing sonically alongside the likes of Ocean Alley and Dope Lemon with their distant electric guitar riffs and 80’s vintage style keys that hold the space so delicately for rich Saxophone to float through your mind. Davy wraps you in his warm, gold drenched vocals, flowing effortlessly between smooth singing and laid back rap, leaving a nostalgic note in the ear of the late Mac Miller.

Doors: 20:00
AK: 2€