Gåte | European Tour 2024 | München


5. Dezember 2024    
20:30 – 23:00



On the back of their already successful Eurovision adventure, and as requested by an ever-growing fan group, Gåte are excited to announce an upcoming European tour!
This tour sees the band visit UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy and many more in December 2024.

05 Dec.- Munich, Muffathalle, DE

“We`re excited to bring our blend of traditional Norwegian folk music and rock to the European stages” comments guitar-player Magnus Børmark. “We`re on a mission to revitalize our common folklore and traditions which we also share with so many people across Europe. There is so much history and culture binding us together in a positive way, this tour will carry this message.”

Feb. 2nd 2024, the Gåte was chosen to represent Norway in the international finals of the Eurovision Song Contest with their unique and spellbinding song Ulveham
Gunnhild’s powerful vocals and the band’s mesmerizing live performance has unleashed an avalanche of positive feedback worldwide. With their captivating blend of traditional folk and modern rock, this unique cultural gem has become quite the talk in the ESC community.

The performance is an astonishing portrayal of raw female energy where Gunnhild Sundli excels in her role as lead vocalist, and Ulveham has clearly stirred up something fundamental in souls across borders and generations, calling forth an inner primal strength.