Disco Brunch: Don Melody Club + Dr. Getdown + Lise Fm


16. Juni 2024    
12:00 – 15:00


Import Export
Import Export

Am Sonntag den 16.06 findet das erste Mal der Disco Brunch im Import Export statt! Ein ganzer Tag voll Schlemmen und guter Musik mit Konzert und DJ Sets. Beim hauptsächlich veganen Brunch von 12 bis 16 Uhr macht ihr euch auf eine kulinarische Reise durch die mediterrane Küche. Um 15 Uhr zieht uns Don Melody Club mit einem Konzert in sein psychedelisches und retro angehauchtes Universum, davor und später legen Lise FM und Dr.Getdown auf, während Brunch-Teller gegen Mimosa Gläser getauscht werden.

Don Melody Club (NL)

Les Disques Bongo Joe are happy to announce the release of Zonder Pardon, new album of our Amsterdam based superstar Don Melody Club in collaboration with Dutch label Exclesior Records. Crazy covers, amazing composition driven by his iconic drum machine groove, this album is a coooool project for our music lovers. Pulling the enchanted listener further into his psychedelic and retro tinged universe, Don Melody Club (AKA Donald “Donny” Madjid) readies the release of his new EP Zonder Pardon.

Don Melody Club

Sung in his native Dutch (as are all his songs), Tederheid is a celebration of the beauty and power of mutual affection. With its uptempo drum machine rhythms, pulsating basslines, and funky melodies, the synths and vocals echo the work of Talking Heads and Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music), but the result is unmistakably Don Melody Club. The wonky Koud Kwartier evokes memories of the Nederwave sound of Doe Maar, a Dutch pop band that combined punk, ska, and reggae influences, first formed in 1978.

Lise Fm

Lise brings all things chill, bizzare, happy and spiritual from all over the world to the decks.

Dr. Getdown

The Munich based Dj and co – founder of the collectives Feelgood Selection (2012) and KREW (2016) delights his listeners since more than ten years with an exquisite selection from his vinyl collection consisting of records from various parts of our beautiful planet. With an eye on the FUNK, he arranges different styles of music in his sets and creates an unique and uplifting mix. As a promoter he organized numerous events with both collectives with guests like Dj Koco aka Shimokita (JP),Dj Suspect (FR) Dj Static & Prof. Groove (WEFUNK Radio, CA), Femdelic, Marc Hype, C:MONE, Hodini aka Hulk Hodn and more.