Dating Confessions – in Munich


26. April 2024    
19:00 – 21:00


Lost Weekend Munich
Lost Weekend Munich

You think you’ve had the worst date ever? Think again!
Get ready to hear some real wild stories from the world of dating!
This show is gonna be unbelievably hilarious.

Headlining the show are two rising stars of comedy – Richard and Sundeep! These two may be as different as night and day, but when they step onto the stage together, magic happens.
Sundeep takes the stage with his arsenal of side-splitting stories, accompanied by Richard, the master of crowd work. Armed with a quick wit and an uncanny ability to turn audience interactions into comedy gold, Richard thrives on the spontaneity of the moment.

But here’s the twist – the real stars of the show are YOU! We want to hear YOUR hilarious dating stories. Share your most outrageous, cringe-worthy, or heartwarming tales anonymously, or take center stage as Richard and Sundeep dive into a lively, on-the-spot interview with willing volunteers from the audience. Imagine the sheer joy of seeing your dating escapades turned into instant comedy classics.

So, whether you’ve had a date from heaven or a date from, well, another universe, this is your chance to share the laughter with the world. Secure your tickets now for a night of laughter therapy, where Sundeep’s storytelling prowess and Richard’s crowd-work mastery collide to create an atmosphere of pure comedic bliss.