Culturally Inappropriate: English Standup Comedy in Munich


3. März 2024    
18:30 – 21:00


Lost Weekend Munich
Lost Weekend Munich

ūüé≠ A night of hilarious top-notch standup comedy with Dima Watermelon. In English.

After a successful run in 32 cities, ‚ÄúCulturally Inappropriate‚ÄĚ is coming to Munich! A wild and unapologetically hilarious standup comedy show by viral comedian Dima Watermelon. This show is about the absurdity of day-to-day existence and quirks of our diverse society. Warning: May contain some inappropriate jokes.

‚ÄúDeadpan Absurdity‚ÄĚ (c) Stewart Lee ‚The Guardian‘
‚ÄúA unique and hilarious perspective‚ÄĚ (c) Der Spiegel
‚ÄúDid you write it yourself?‚ÄĚ (c) Dima’s mom

ūü§£ Expect spicy jokes and ridiculous life stories about the state of the world, Berlin techno clubs, emigration, online dating, interracial relationships, shark attacks, and other significant subjects. No topic is off-limits or too soon.

ūüďÖ Only one night in Munich

ūüéüÔłŹ Tickets:
Online: from 10 EUR
Door: 20 EUR

ūü™Ą The show is held entirely in English
Doors – 19:30
Showtime – 20:00

‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź Show reviews:

„Very very funny! Highly recommended! I haven’t laughed like this in a long time.“ ¬© Sasha from Brussels show

„Dima is fantastic and he created a great atmosphere, it felt intimate, like we were amongst friends who knew each other already, so we could afford to laugh about more tabu topics“ ¬© Sebastian from Aarhus show

„When we saw that only the front row seats were left, I knew we were in trouble ūüėÄ but I‚Äôm so happy we ended up exactly there because Dima‚Äôs interaction with public is fire“ ¬© Luminita from Innsbruck show

ūüćČ Who is Dima Watermelon ūüáļūüá¶

Dima is a professional funny person from the outskirts of Chornobyl, Ukraine. His unique comedic style is a mix of absurdity, social commentary and some allegedly inappropriate jokes. Self-proclaimed inventor of mumble comedy. And yes, Watermelon is indeed his real surname, simply translated into English.
Being naturally funny, Dima, only started doing standup after he moved to Berlin in 2015 to make sure not to lose his sense of humor while integrating into German society. Since then, Dima has performed in more than 20 countries, including renowned locations such as the Gotham Comedy Club in New York, the Comedy Store London, and famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Living in three different countries and visiting over forty, Dima is no longer simply Ukrainian, but not quite European either. Stuck in this absurd cultural limbo, he finds laughter is his best coping mechanism.

Instagram: @dimawatermelon