Cafi Chanta w/ Erkez Hip Hop + Ghoula (OUTDOOR)


17. Mai 2024    
16:30 – 19:30


Schwere Reiter Strasse 2h, 80636 Munich, Germany
Schwere Reiter Strasse 2h, 80636 Munich, Germany

Join us at the next Cafi Chanta event featuring Erkez Hip Hop and Ghoula. With a blend of local „mezwed,“ rap, and electronic beats, RKZ offers a gritty yet captivating performance that challenges societal norms and advocates for justice and inclusion. Join us as RKZ decodes the complexities of Tunisian society through its powerful lyrics and diverse representation, promising an evening of authenticity and rebellion.

Erkez Hip Hop:

The project RKZ was born in 2018 in downtown Tunis, Tunisia, by the multidisciplinary artists’ association DEBO TUNIS. RKZ tells the story of a neglected, resilient generation craving justice and inclusion. By mixing our local folk “mezwed”, rap, and electronic tones with visuals and choreography, RKZ has created a time machine-like performance that drives us into a kind of « cutting-edge nostalgia ». We use our music to defy a system preventing the blooming and growth of Tunisian youth.
Through inclusive writing and bitter lyrics, we express our disagreement with this system and highlight the country’s inconsistencies. We decode the Tunisian society whose revolution has been taken hostage and we represent the Tunisian diversity as a whole.


Born in Hammam Sousse, Tunisia, Ghoula discovered his passion for music as a child. Encouraged by his father, he began to learn the piano at the local conservatory, but this didn’t stop him from exploring other self-taught instruments, such as the bass, the guitar, and the Tunisian guembri. Ghoula has worked for over 10 years in film post-production and advertising, as a music composer, sound engineer, and sound designer. In 2019, he was awarded the RFI Instrumental Prize. He is continuing this career alongside his Ghoula project, having recently composed the soundtrack for the film Elle Danse (2024) by Wael Sghaier, as well as synchronizing the music from his first album Hlib el Ghoula, in the documentary Banlieue (2023), produced by TV channel France 3.