Wedge / Down With The Gypsies / Bigfoot – Behind the Green Door


15. Februar 2018 to 16. Februar 2018 20:30 - 01:00

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Kreativquartier Dachauerstr. 114

Behind The Green Door Events presents:

We build a time machine … would you like to do the test drive?

VVK 10 €
AK 12 €

WEDGE (Special Album-Release-Tour)
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Named after the first stone tool of human history, their sound is accordingly archaic, extremely effective, „made from solid rock“ and, when used correctly, causes fire … especially live! WEDGE blends mainly elements of classic rock, 60s garage and some Psychedelic with a proper dose of joy while playing.

Down with the Gypsies (Special Album-Release-Tour)
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If you want to put your mind on hold for a while, and dive deep into land or even a planet far far away… dive in deep DOWN WITH THE GYPSIES. This is the kind of music, which just wants you to stand still and feel lost in time and space for a while. But you won’t be lost. They will be there with you. For you. And they will be stuck in your mind.

Bigfoot – Dor Koren (ISR)
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Psychedelic Fuzz Music from Israel
With Dor’s full debut album you can see the world through the eyes of Bigfoot, Take a journey inside, outside and allover the place,
This is one trip you will never return the same from,
Crazed Fuzzed instruments, Psych Jazzy ferocious atmosphere
An arsenal of keyboards, strings and allot of free spirit,
Only the bravest and most wild souls can endure,
Testing each ones courage and self beliefe
Mythus, legend, folklore tale, Music Odyssey,
The BIGFOOT is here to stay.