Visuals with Max/MSP: Workshop w/ Federico Federaro


13. Januar 2018 11:00 - 17:00


Hansastr. 39-41

Live – Live // Festival für elektronische Live-Musik

// Workshop: Visuals with MAX/MSP/Jitter
// Beginner / Advanced
// Costs: 25e
// Maximum number of Participants: 25

// About the workshop holder:

Federico Foderaro is an audio-visual Berlin based artist, media technologist and Max/MSP teacher. He graduated with the highest honours in Electronic Music and Multimedia Composition at the Conservatory “Licinio Refice” of Frosinone (Italy), under the guidance of great teachers.
Recently his work „Anthropocene“ was awarded the jury prize of the „Anthropocene“ contest organized by the Mutek festival.

Federico Foderaro – Amazing Max Stuff

Johann Niegl is a sound designer, composer, artist and MAX/MSP teacher based in Berlin.

// Schedule

Johann Niegl will introduce you to the graphical programming language MAX/MSP. If you all are advanced users, it’s getting kore into detail. This 3-Hour-Lesson will be either in english or german language. Depends on which language ALL OF YOU are familiar with!

Federico Foderaro will teach you more advanced hints for exploring adavnaced visuals with MAX and MORE AMAZING MAX STUFF!

Please bring your own laptop and MAX/MSP version (or Max4Live)!