Stand High Patrol│Pupajim, Rootystep, Macgyver, Merry│IADT


Starts in 2 Days, 22 Hours

23. März 2018 to 24. März 2018 23:00 - 05:00

More Dates

  • 23. März 2018
  • 24. März 2018


Zellstraße 4

it’s a dub ting presents

Pupajim – stand high patrol

hosted & powered by Elemental Wave Soundsystem

Pupajim – Rootystep – Mac Gyver – Merry

The original Dubadub Sound from Brittany / France for the first time in Munich !!

3 hours set / Soundsystem Session

The identity of Stand High comes from the unique voice of its singer and the singular style of his dub. Over the years the sound has developed a particular style integrating a set of personal and eclectic influences to his dub. This style, named “dubadub”, is defined as a subtle blend of dub, dubstep, hiphop and digital reggae. Built like the Hip Hop instrumentals are, the Dubadub is an hybrid and dynamic style that find its followers among fans of dub, hip hop and electronic music.