Mythic Sunship and Lee Van Cleef live Behind the Green Door


Starts in 29 Days, 20 Hours

19. April 2018 to 20. April 2018 20:30 - 01:00

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  • 19. April 2018
  • 20. April 2018

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Kreativquartier Dachauerstr. 114

Behind The Green Door Events presents:

Dipping some acid jazz rock fusion

Mythic Sunship (DENMARK)
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The destination is transcendence alright, but the vehicle, ultimately, is assembled from decades of ROCK! Not your dad’s rock exactly (unless your dad hung out in Münich or Wümme in the early 1970s, that is), but nonetheless ROCK, where ferocious drum-pounding and thick, Geezery basslines adds fuel to an endless pyre of blazed-out dual fuzz guitar action.
This stuff is wild.

Lee Van Cleef (ITALY)
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70s acid rock with thick structure.
Lee Van Cleef started as a joke – well a very good joke then! Yes, because as you’ll hear, these are really experienced dudes from the heavy and psych rock scene of Naples. In the great school of Earthless with a touch of 70s acid rock, Lee Van Cleef presents us with the very essence of heavy psych instrumental bands: endless jamming that leads to psychedelic tripping and a sonic escapism!

VVK: 8,00 € // AK: 10,00 €