Love Machine and Kamala live Behind the Green Door


Starts in 1 Day, 16 Hours

22. März 2018 to 23. März 2018 20:30 - 00:00

More Dates

  • 22. März 2018
  • 23. März 2018

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Kreativquartier Dachauerstr. 114

Behind The Green Door Events presents:

The Krauts are back!

Love Machine
ฬ Listen here ฬ

It‘s all about energy, groove, repetition and minimalism. Doing nothing but the right thing at the right time. It‘s about the depths of the universe and of the human soul – LOVE MACHINE‘s blend of Americana and Krautrock will make you feel it!
Being a preacher, a shaman, a maniac and an exhibitionist this cat will take you on a trip you can‘t escape from. Open your heart, take off your clothes and join LOVE MACHINE for a magical and sweaty carpet ride into the core of the ultimate freak-out!

ฬ Listen here ฬ

Under the wings of Love Machine another young Kraut band emerges from Leipzig. Kamala knows what it means to take a dive into the world of psychedelic music and breath the ideals of love and freedom. There is a bigger reason for this symbiotic gathering and you will witness why.

VVK: 8,00 € // AK: 10,00 €