Lecture: Amalia Ulman, ‚Agenda‘


25. Juli 2017 19:00 - 22:00

Kunstverein München e.V.

Galeriestraße 4

Amalia Ulman
25 July 2017, from 7pm
(performance at 7:30pm)

Kunstverein München presents Amalia Ulman’s latest staged lecture, AGENDA, in the Kino on 25 July, at 7:30pm. Comprised of a powerpoint presentation, live performance, and sound effects, AGENDA is a means for Ulman to expose the final narrative of the online performance Privilege, and it’s four subsequent exhibitions: Labour Dance, Arcadia_Missa, London; Reputation, New Galerie, Paris; Dignity, James Fuentes, New York; and Intolerance, Barro, Buenos Aires.

In AGENDA Ulman uses poetic language to narrate self experimentation with female hormones and the effects of excess estrogen in a body trapped between the carpeted floors and ceiling tiles of her DTLA office – a tight structure of vertical structures, linearity and clocks. This dreamlike storyline later develops into a series of cons and scams, economies of appearances, and the rise and fall of Bob The Pigeon. It’s an ode to a working class hero, which finishes with pessimistic spiritual notes that the author recognizes as selfish. This recognition extends to the entitlement inherent to her nihilism, her escapism, and the privilege embedded in her ability to complain. It’s a position of criticality, though one Ulman recognizes is not accessible to all.

Amalia Ulman (born 1989 in Argentina; based in Los Angeles) works with performance, installation, and video in both physical spaces and online contexts to ‘expose how a technocratic and histrionic culture industry requires the performance of an equally contradictory and fabricated persona’ (Berlin Biennale). Her exhibition Monday Cartoons will be on view at Deborah Schamoni in Munich, from 21 July until 9 September 2017.