Hey Jetman & Vojta live in concert


8. Februar 2018 20:30 - 23:30

The Lovelace – A Hotel Happening

Kardinal-Faulhaber-Straße 1

Hey Jetman is a band by drummer/songwriter Martin Krümmling. Over the past year HeyJetman has been both producing a debut album (I go out) and rehearsing a live show that will represent the album in its full richness and ambition. These efforts will be made public on Feb 8th in Munich- Munich Sessions- Lovelace Hotel, Feb 9th in Berlin- Bar Bobu and Feb 10th in Leipzig- Subbotnik.

Hey Jetman began in Berlin with 5 songs and a preproduction session with Damian Giambazi. It was agreed to begin production in late 2014 with a view to a 2017 album and band launch. Since then Damian has helped produce elements of the album and has taken up bass duties for the live band.



A free flowing psychedelic fusion of Celtic, classical, and tribal sounds. Vojta will take you on a journey with violin, didgeridoo, bouzouki, bansuri flute, and percussion, in a live looping, one man band…