Doing The No No


5. März 2018 to 11. März 2018 20:00 - 14:00

The Lovelace – A Hotel Happening

Kardinal-Faulhaber-Straße 1

Doing The No No
Weeklong jewellery festival by Current Obsession. It’s our 5th birthday and you are invited to come celebrate with us!
For Munich Jewellery Week 2018, you will not find the Current Obsession Paper, instead, we give you a programme: based on an open call we released last year, this is an experimental series of events for artists, by artists who go outside the lines. So in the spirit of rebellion and in celebration during contemporary jewellery’s most exciting time of year, we are happy to introduce a new, weeklong jewellery festival: DOING THE NO NO.

05.03 from 20:00 Doing The Movie, classics of the silver screen with jewellery as the protagonist +
Augmented jewellery and 3D makeup screening by @ines.alpha

06.03 from 19:00 Doing The Salon, an experimental setting for jewellery presentations and performances run by a group of students from three different art academies – Konstfack / Ädellab from Stockholm (with: Maja Bakken, Linnea Bergman, Linnéa Jonsson, Yasmin Knüsel, Emelie Liljebäck, Justas Pipinis, Elisa Schneider, Sabira Silcock, Inga Tsernova), PXL_MAD from Hasselt (with: Hester Daems, Camille El-Achkar, Selien Lips, Maria Luisa Quartin, Janika Slowik, Gertjan Vandezande) and Gerrit Rietveld Academy (with: Eloïse Dieutegard)
from 19:00 Lone Ranger Atom Bomb Ring by Nanna Melland. In early 1947 an advertisement for a new toy ring inside a million boxes of the Kix Cereals cold breakfast meals (15 cents plus a boxtop) was appearing in newspapers. Marketed as ‘perfectly safe’ this toy ring is in fact a very complex object, the very existence of which touches upon the culture of ‘war play’ and glorification of violence. In historic retrospect, Nanna Melland examines the object carefully, recasting it in the metal of toy soldiers – tin. Her presentation is a work-in-progress, where visitors would be able to see the original ring and its wax models, participate in conversation with the artist and purchase a yet-to-be-made ring.

07.03 from 10:00 Doing The Theory, Curated by Norwegian Crafts and moderated by André Gali. When viewing contemporary jewellery as art, we face a major challenge that affects how we write about it, talk about it and show it: Should jewellery be treated, viewed and presented as sculpture in galleries, or as wearable objects? We say neither and both! Supersede the Kantian legacy, step right up and engage with us in art practises that are grounded in new-materialistic philosophies! With: Ahmed Umar, Jorge Manilla, Charis Gullickson, Ben Lignel, Matt Lambert and Kim Paton.
Limited seating.

08.03 10:00-11:00 Social ‘Media’ Club moderated by Anneleen Swillen, How is online media used within contemporary art jewellery practices and what are the possibilities as well as challenges hereof on the creation, presentation and perception of art jewellery?
18:00 – 20:00 / 21:00 – 23:00 At The Still Point performance by Silke Fleischer exploring the Japanese art of rope bonding. She investigates the moment through movement and at the same time the restrictions this medium offers. The artist is thinking of the bindings less as rope and more as sculpture, body, space, landscape, marks, and of the experience as a process of ‘being tied’ rather than just of wearing.
20:00-22:00 The Dinner. On Thursday evening we will invite public to witness The Dinner, a phenomenal project first initiated by jewellers Mia Maljojoki and Annika Pettersson in 2016. The aim for the project was to create a jewellery exhibition with multiple layers of information relating to jewellery. The dinner is an event where everything is set on display: a group a people gets invited to have a dinner, during which the guests are asked to wear contemporary jewellery and discuss a specific topic. The dinner event itself is takes part in a public space and is seen as a performance.

09.03 10:00-11:00 Social Club TBA
11:00-23:00 The Fotocopy. FOTOCOPY is A ONE-DAY-ONLY pop-up marathon zine-making copy shop/jewelry store front by Kellie Riggs and Adam Grinovich. Come hang and question realness, narcissism, the origin of ideas, sleeper cell trends, reference culture, authenticity, appropriation, ownership, derivatives, tropes, and throwbacks – and buy some jewels, zines and t-shirts! We might serve drinks!
With: Volker Atrops (DE), Lucie Davis (UK), Kiko Giannocca (CH), Adam Grinovich (US/SE), Margherita De Martino Norante (IT), Annika Pettersson (SE), Kellie Riggs (US/IT), Moniek Schrijer (NZ), Katrin Spranger (DE/UK), Ashley K. Wahba (US), Julia Walter Juwellery (DE/NL), Mallory Weston (US) & @ana.na_
21:00 till late Doing The No No: Current Obsession 5th Birthday Party w/ Tuff Rubber
Entry fee will be asked at the door.

10.03 Doing The Performance
from 22:00 On Saturday evening we are hosting a performance by Munich-based Japanese-Bayern jazz band Sasebo. The band’s connection to jewellery is its flute/saxophone player – famous Swiss jeweller David Bielander, the recent awardee of the Swiss Design Award 2017.
Entry fee will be asked at the door.

11.03 Doing The Morning After 11:00-14:00 We would like to carefully interrupt this day’s routine – matinee talk, catching the flight back home – by hosting a warm Morning After brunch with some coffee and croissants. This salutation event will be a perfect opportunity to reflect on the past week, discuss future opportunities and say our goodbyes.