Birthday Bash Again (Many Many Dj’s)


Starts in 4 Days, 38 Minutes

24. November 2017 to 25. November 2017 23:00 - 05:00

More Dates

  • 24. November 2017
  • 25. November 2017

Milla – Live Club

Holzstraße 28

Top Dj’s play their favourite Funk Related records:
Caroline Bree (Unter Deck)
Edgar Strobl (corleone.cce)
Gesa Simons (Fleischhandlung Berlin)
Jan Krause (Beanfield)
Jay Scarlett (BR Sound Supreme)
Jan Weissenfeldt (The Poets of Rhythm)
Martin Ganter (Funk Related)
Michael Heinkel (Cafe Am Hochhaus)
Michi Mettke (Beanfield)
Michael Reinboth (Compost Records)
Theo Thoennessen (Into Somethin‘)
Tino Ludwig (Holy Home)
Stephan Voit (Klenze 17) +
Florian Keller