Artlab Munich Vol. II Teaparty


2. September 2017 15:00 - 22:00


Zieblandstraße 19

ARTLAB MUNICH goes to the next level!

Some of you may have had the pleasure to join us on our marvellous opening in June. In remembrance to this magic night we are thrilled to introduce you to our next event presented by gallery Benjamin Eck II:

September 2, 3 pm
Zieblandstrasse 19, Munich

/ 20 Artists 20 Artworks 1 Teaparty /

We will start at 3 pm by serving you our finest tea selection originating from Long Island. Full-bodied and intense on the palate, with a warming and slightly spiced character.
And for those who are more of the coffee type, we will serve you our delicious liquid cocaine, produced by the unique distillery „Pam“ from Munich.
If a discomfort of our specialties should occur, we will find a suitable solution for you, as we want everybody to enjoy this day of artistic inspiration and mutual enrichment to the fullest.

Come and enjoy our liquid temptations in the stunning sculpture garden of gallery Benjamin Eck II surrounded by notable artworks, terrific music and unique people.

We can’t wait to share this exceptional event with all of you!

Emilia & Benjamin