17. Oktober 2017 18:30 - 20:30

Arena Filmtheater Kino 1, Hans-Sachs-Str. 7

– Münchner Klimaherbst 2017 –

Location: Arena Filmtheater Kino 1, Hans-Sachs-Str. 7

Director: Marco Keller, Germany 2016 (in German), 60 Minutes

Brazil’s jungles are the stage of a human-induced tragedy. These unique ecosystems are being degraded and destroyed, day by day, by farmers of soya beans. In particular, it is foreign, big-industry organisations that are responsible for the daily over-exploitation of the forests and the driving-out of native people and animals. Up to 12 kg of Soya or grain is needed as animal feed to produce just 1 kg of meat. In order to supply the growing worlwide meat demands, more and more land is being consumed for growing food for livestock. AGROkalypse presents a multifaceted view on the rapid developments in soya production and its affects on our consumer behavior. The film also offers solutions that could allow an alternative future for the industry and forests.

A discussion with Dr. Wolfgang Kapfhammer, LMU Munich, and the director Marco Keller will follow the screening.

The film will be shown in German and is free and open to the public.

The movie is part of the Münchner Klimaherbst and is shown in cooperation between the Rachel Carson Center, the Deutsches Museum, and the Münchner Volkshochschule.