ÄTNA • München • Milla (Support: GIW)


Starts in 3 Days, 19 Hours

22. Oktober 2017 20:00 - 23:00

Milla – Live Club

Holzstraße 28

ÄTNA is minimalism combined with the puristic sound of a piano and bright and bizarre electronics. All by hand. Right at the spot.

Presented by ASK HELMUT, ByteFM, Cardinal Sessions & XJAZZ
Supported by Musikfonds

They both me in Dresden, Eastern Germany, where they started to work having a similar but not too similar taste in what they do and like. Inéz loves Minimalism and the puristic sound of a piano while Demian loves loves to mess it up. It is always sung songs and beaten beats enhanced by bright and bizarre electronic sounds. Like their sisters & brothers in the stone age they like to do it all by hand. Right at the spot. ÄTNAs first eruptive step on the scene is their five song EP named »ÄTNA«. Inéz and Demian teamed up with producer impresario Moses Schneider at Transporterraum Berlin to create five songs to be called »magic« (SZ) and »creating goosebumps« (SAX).

Maybe trumpet, maybe electronics. Squeaking and creaking hiss of air, subfrequent trumpet drone and clicking metallic beats. A voice calling out of nowhere asking answers, shouting syllables. We’re happy to have GIW on stage as well! https://soundcloud.com/giwmusic/giw-never-is-always-album-snippet

Inéz – vocals, synth, fx
Demian Kappenstein – drums, fx