11. April 2024    
17:00 – 20:00


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BITOI, Bass Is The Original Instrument, merge the timeless instrument of the voice with the relatively new electric bass. BITOI’s lyrics are based on phonetic pronunciations of bird sounds. Bird whistles, vocal cord drumming, and wind sounds are interwoven into BITOI’s rich soundscape. The band crafts a transformative experience at their performances, guiding the audience on a captivating musical voyage. This fosters a collective emotional bond between all attendees and the band. Their emotional connection comes to life through their songs, resonating with the audience and creating a shared emotional experience among everyone present.
BITOI have recently released their debut EP -O-, exploring a unique combination of fragility and power. Upcoming live shows include select European festivals and concerts and a collaborative project in Japan. BITOI will release their debut album in 2024. Genre: Experimental / folk/ electronic